Within Our Lifetime United For Palestine

Within Our Lifetime is a Palestinian-led community organization building the movement for Palestine in Brooklyn and throughout NYC.


Tickets for the 2nd Annual Palestine Lives Conference taking place May 10 - 12 at The People’s Forum are going fast. Register today before it’s too late!

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Join our Palestinian Cultural Resistance Program!

We are deeply rooted in the Brooklyn community of Bay Ridge, the largest Palestinian and Arab neighborhood in New York. We believe that by offering community programs we can better achieve our mission of uniting Palestinians and their allies in New York City to defend our communities and work towards liberation. We meet every Thursday and Saturday in Bay Ridge where we engage youth in the community in a variety of activities including educational discussions, workshops, dabke classes, campaigns, rallies, and more!

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Even if you may not be able to physically show up, you can still help support our work in building the movement for Palestine in NYC by donating to our organization. All of the donations we receive go towards covering expenses for our community programs, rallies, conference, events and more. Even a small donation can go a long way to help cover the costs of renting space, buying supplies, and other necessary things that a grassroots organization like ours would otherwise be unable to afford. Thank you for your support!

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