Within our Lifetime | United for Palestine (WOL) is a Palestinian-led community organization building the movement for Palestine in Brooklyn and throughout NYC. Our goal is to revitalize the revolutionary spirit of the Palestinian diaspora to complement the resistance in Palestine in pursuit of a free homeland.

Points of Unity

1. Anti-Zionism & Anti-Normalization

We are unapologetically anti-Zionist and take that as a non-negotiable tenet of our unity. We identify the establishment and existence of the state of israel as an ongoing project of settler-colonialism that will be stopped only through Palestinian national liberation. We reject any and all collaboration, dialogue, and coalition work with Zionist organizations through a strict policy of anti-normalization and encourage our comrades in other organizations to do the same.

2. Right of Return

We uphold the right of return for all Palestinian diaspora, no matter what generation or official refugee status, to their homes wherever they may be in the whole of Historic Palestine. With this, we support the full decolonization of all Palestinian land, from the river to the sea, so that the refugees can return and live in freedom.

3. Anti-Imperialism

We have a responsibility as those living within the US to resist US wars at home and abroad. As Internationalists, we stand in solidarity with all the liberation movements across the globe fighting US imperialism, and believe that all people have the right to live free against foreign and external aggression. We fight for the liberation of all people from imperialism, and support national liberation not only for Palestine, but for oppressed nations everywhere.

4. Right to Resist

We uphold the collective right of Palestinians and all oppressed groups to resist their oppressors, by any means necessary. We also uphold the right to resist for oppressed nationalities and communities in the United States to fight back against fascism and state sanctioned violence.

Within Our Lifetime is not only a name, but a promise, a motivational cry, a rally, and a call to action. It is the steadfast belief that no matter what obstacles we will face, victory of the oppressed is inevitable. The liberation of Palestine runs through our lives, connected to our humanity, and the struggle for freedom. It is a reminder of what we have heard since childhood, and one we tell ourselves to push forward in painful times. It solidifies the belief that Palestine can truly be freed if we work and fight towards liberation in our lifetime. We know Palestine will be freed, refugees will return, and all of historic Palestine will be decolonized. What we must begin to include in our narrative, however, is the urgency of when Palestine will be freed. The mantra, Within Our Lifetime, empowers and ignites our fire to be a part of resisting zionism and building the path towards liberation.