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52 Fridays: Great Return March 1 Year Anniversary Rally & Event


4:00 pm — Rally Honoring the Martyrs of the Great Return March with the NY4Palestine Coalition
Location: Times Square (42nd and Broadway)

6:30 pm — Great Return March teach-in followed by a discussion with Raja Abdulhaq and Rana Shubair from the front lines in Gaza.
Location: The People's Forum (320 w. 37th St.)

Join us in commemorating 52 Fridays of resistance and marching with the people of Gaza on the 53rd consecutive Friday of protests.

On March 30, 2018, tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza marched on the eastern border with the occupation, demanding an end to the israeli siege and blockade and the right to return to ‘48 Palestine. The mass protest, dubbed the Great Return March, was initially planned to last from Land Day, March 30, until the 70th anniversary of the Nakba on May 15. One year later, our heroic people in Gaza are still resisting and marching on the border by the thousands every single Friday.

Since March 30 of last year, over 250 Palestinians have been martyred by occupation forces while participating in the Great Return March, including women, children, disabled people, medics and journalists alike who have been shot dead in cold blood by israeli snipers. More than 25,000 have been injured. Despite this reign of terror by the occupation, our people in Gaza have remained steadfast in carrying on their struggle, and have reignited the flames of the Palestinian national liberation in the spirit of the first and second intifadas. On the one year anniversary, we call on all supporters of Palestine to join us as we mobilize to uplift the resistance in Gaza, honor the martyrs of the Great Return March and build the movement for Palestine in NYC.